Three Cost Effective Ways to Clean Plastic

Three Cost Effective Ways to Clean Plastic

Plastic products are so common these days that we have to clean plastic on a regular basis in one form or another. Plastic products can withstand the effects of the atmosphere and they do not get dirty as quickly as products of other materials. However, some of the plastic items in residential and commercial buildings do accumulate dirt and other types of gunk over the course of time. We recommend applying natural and less time-consuming methods in order to clean plastic. Below are discussed three useful methods to clean plastic using house cleaning agents:

Plastic Cleaning Using Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Vinegar is highly effective in cleaning plastic products. We recommend preparing a vinegar cleaning solution by mixing vinegar and water. The steps involved in the House Cleaning process are as follows:

  1. Prepare an appropriate concentration of Vinegar cleaning solution and store it in a bottle with a nozzle.
  2. Now spray the cleaning solution on the plastic items that need cleaning.
  3. Rub the items with the help of a cloth or a rag. In case the stains are hard then we also recommend using a soft brush.
  4. Rinse the items under water after the stains have cleared.

Plastic Cleaning Using Bleach

We recommend using a bleach-cleaning agent when the stains are too hard to remove. Safety measures are advisable such as wearing gloves while performing the process to clean plastic. The steps involved are as below:

  1. Make a bleach cleaning service solution and store it in a bowl.
  2. Now, if the plastic item is small, place it inside the bowl for some time. If the item is large then we recommend cleaning process the dirty parts with the help of a cleaning rag.
  3. Take the item out of the solution after a few minutes.
  4. Now, rinse it properly with the help of water and remove any dirt by rubbing with a cloth.

Plastic Cleaning Using Baking Soda Solution

The baking soda cleaning solution is also effective in order to clean plastic and to remove hard stains on the surface of the items. We recommend preparing a solution of baking soda at home by mixing the baking soda powder in warm water. Follow the steps below to perform the process:

  1. Prepare the baking soda solution in a bowl.
  2. Now take a soft brush or clothing item in order to apply it on the plastic items.
  3. Apply the solution to the items and continue rubbing until the stains start to disappear.
  4. Rinse the items properly afterward.