What are the most common reasons behind indoor flooding?

Indoor flooding is the most common reason responsible for causing water damage to the building. It can be a primary threat to a building since it can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, we recommend the readers to regularly inspect their buildings for potential water damage and take remedial action if they detect the symptoms of water damage. In case the effective remedy is not carried out, then this situation will continue to get worse over the course of time and it will lead to an alarming situation. On the other hand, there are various benefits of taking a quick remedial action since it will prevent water from causing structural weakness to the building as well as reduce the probability of health hazards in the building. In order to undertake remedial actions, the users need to understand the common causes of indoor flooding that cause water damage. 

Therefore, in this article, we will explain some of the common reasons that are responsible for causing internal flooding in the building.

Broken and leaking pipes

Broken or leaking pipes are one of the main reasons that result in indoor flooding in a building. The pumping system of buildings tends to get weaker and worn out over the course of time due to which the pipes start to leak. The water leakage due to broken pipes continues to build up inside the walls and lead to severe damage to the building if proper remedial is not taken in due time. Sometimes, the water pipes burst due to extreme pressure that can lead to the flooding of the building in a short time. Therefore, we recommend the users to carry out a monthly or quarterly inspection of the plumbing system in order to ensure its efficiency.

Water heater malfunction

Water heater malfunction is another common reason behind indoor flooding in a building. However, it is also one of those reasons that are commonly ignored by the people and result in a gradual buildup of water in the building leading to severe water damage. Water heater tank stores a substantial amount of water that it takes from the water supply system. When the level of water in the tank decreases, it extracts more water from the system automatically. In case, there is a leakage in the water heater, it will continue to take water from the water supply and the leaked water will continue to accumulate in the building. This can lead to severe water damage over the course of time. Therefore, we recommend the users to act appropriately in order to keep the water heaters working efficiently without any damage.

Sewer backup

Sewer malfunction is another major reason behind indoor flooding that can lead to severe kinds of water damage. One of the main reasons behind the flooding of the sewer is blockage of the drains due to which the water inside the sewer builds up and starts to leak through other channels. The issue is most significant during the season of heavy rains that can lead to an increased amount of water in the channel. Therefore, we recommend users to enhance the capacity of the sewage system a few times more than their common use and carry out regular maintenance in order to ensure effective performance. You can know more about how to perform heat exchanger cleaning process here.